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Find out about term insurance in Swartz Creek, MI

Whether you're young or young at heart, you need life insurance. If you aren't sure what kind of coverage to consider, turn to the knowledgeable team at Statewide Tax & Financial Services for expert advice. We recommend term insurance because it's affordable, easy to understand and renewable. When you take out a term insurance policy, you'll be preparing to leave behind a legacy.

The death benefit from your policy can be used to:

  • Cover the cost of your funeral
  • Help your grandchildren pay for college
  • Support a non-profit organization

Contact us now to speak with a financial planner in Swartz Creek, MI about the benefits of term insurance.

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Could your retirement fund cover the cost of long-term care?

If you or a loved one needs long-term care, you probably won't be able to rely on your retirement fund to cover the costs. The professionals at Statewide Tax & Financial Services know that long-term care is expensive. We'll help you take out a long-term care insurance policy. This type of insurance can cover anything from hospice care to live-in caregivers.

Want to learn more about long-term care insurance? Call today to consult a highly trained financial planner in Swartz Creek, MI. We're standing by to help.